Monday, March 13, 2006

Lacy Presents Latest Book

For more than 45 years, Donald Charles Lacy has answered a divine calling. A calling to put words to paper and share those works with others. Lacy’s passion for the written word all started with an article for a professor at seminary and continues to flourish 1,000 published pieces later.

A weekly columnist for The Courier-Times, Lacy will share his latest book with readers during a program at New Castle-Henry County Public Library on Saturday, March 18, from 1 to 4 p.m. The program will take place in the library’s auditorium. Readers are invited to meet Lacy anytime between 1 and 4 p.m. At 1 p.m., Lacy will open with some short remarks. He will then be available to talk with readers and sign copies of his book.

Fast Food for the Soul is a collection of Lacy’s columns that take a common-sense approach to moral issues. In a fast-paced culture, Lacy’s writings offer sustenance for the soul and satisfaction for the spirit. This latest book contains 99 columns, with topics ranging from anger and despair to forgiveness and joy. Most columns begin with a story, often from Lacy’s own life experiences. His columns are in their eighth year.

Lacy spent his early childhood years in Henry County’s Stony Creek Township, and his first educational experiences were under the direction of teachers Marie Buell and June Stanley. His family’s connections to the area are deep, and most of his relatives are buried in Henry County. When he was a grade-schooler, his immediate family moved just across the line to Delaware County.

While Lacy has four earned degrees, he still calls himself “a skinny little timid boy.” His pulpit experiences took him from tiny towns such as Leesburg and large cities including Indianapolis. His works have been published in virtually every newspaper in the state of Indiana.

Lacy is technically retired, but his life is still filled with ministry opportunities. He supplies preaching at various churches and is currently serving at the Madison Street Methodist Church in Muncie. He spends time with people from other denominations, especially the Catholic Church, and is working to build bridges between Catholics and Protestants. He also speaks at seminars throughout the region. His next book will be a collection of sermons and is due for release in May. Lacy lives in Muncie with his wife, Dorothy.

Interacting with readers of his columns is an enjoyable experience for Lacy. He has done over 50 different events like the one at the library on Saturday.
“People are people. There are no uninteresting people,” he said. “Everyone can teach you something, but you have to be willing to learn.”


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