Thursday, June 02, 2005

Summer Reading 2005

Summer Reading 2005 begins this Saturday, June 4.

This year's theme is Explore New Frontiers.

In-library program runs from June 4 - July 23.
The Bookmobile program runs from May 31 - July 29.

Read as much or as little as you want! Everyone wins!

Here's how it works...
  1. Register at the main desk.
  2. Read books of your choice.
  3. Write a short book review.
  4. Turn in your reviews for a small prize (limit 3 per visit). Your reviews will be entered in a drawing for special prizes.
Children on the bookmobile will be rewarded for visits to the bookmobile. Adults & Teens have a bookmobile program, too!

Summer Reading is sponsored by Friends of the Library with major support from Papa John's, Christopher's Cafe, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, IN Basketball Hall of Fame, N&S Golfland & Hoops, The Metropolitan, New Red Sun Buffet, Taco Bell, and YMCA of Henry Co.


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